photo: Pete Selkowe

photo: Pete Selkowe


Starving Artist Fair 2019

A Wrap Up and Thank You

The 2019 Starving Artist Fair is over and in the books - and what a fair it was! This year's fair was an amazing success. All the booth spaces were full of great artists, the food court was full of wonderful food, and the sky was full of perfect weather. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

I want to thank the following people for helping with the fair. You each had a part in making it such a wonderful success! Jill Castillo, Wes and Patti Fallon, Lisa Martin, Tanja Martinez, Yvonne Mayer, Nancy Neider, Jo Nissen, Kate Peterson, Tammie and Fred Radspinner, Ginny Sullivan, Amanda Thierfelder, Natalie Tremblay, Vicki Chekouras, Sarah Andersen, Jerry Belland, Sue and Trace Chiodo, John Clazmer, Pat Gilbert, Cathy Holmes, Sue Horton, Pam Kazarian, Mary Nelson, Caye Christensen, Dave Gaura, Nate Hunter, Nancy Watson, John Strege, Jeff Fehrman, Alex Greiveldinger, Jim Beyer, Tony Castillo, Mike Isaacson, Pete Mandli, Pat Guttenberg, Rick Martin - and everyone who made Yard Art for the raffle - and to everyone who came out and supported the fair on Sunday. A special shout out to our guild member and community volunteers for their much needed assistance.


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