September 2016

BRAVO! Suzanne Kadamian

Sue Kadamian was born in Racine and has lived here since. She is
married to Michael a retired Racine County Deputy. They have two sons, one daughter, and three granddaughters. She attended grade school at St. Joe’s, then St. Catherine’s and Horlick for high school. After graduating from Gateway at the age of 41 with a RN degree, Sue worked as a psychiatric nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital in Racine for six years, following that with fourteen years in the Gastroenterology Department. She retired two years ago. At a line dancing class at Franksville Park Sue met RAG members Ardath Trebra and Jeanne Sullivan. They encouraged her for at least a year to come to Art Guild. And finally, she decided it was time to leave the dark place she was in since the death of her mother and she started coming to Art Guild. She also went to paint with the “Geezers” on Wednesday mornings.

Sue’s enjoyed arts and crafts since she was a drawer in Kindergarten. When she was ten she and a girl friend went to the yarn shop on High Street and joined a knitting group of little old ladies who really didn’t like the two youngsters because now they couldn’t gossip as much. That didn’t bother Sue; she just wanted to learn to knit. And learn she did. Over the years she added flower arranging, stenciling, tole type painting on wood, mural painting, and more to her repertoire. 

In high school Sue took art classes and around 2010 she studied watercolor with Jean Thielen where she discovered her preferred medium. She loves the way the watercolors mix on wet paper, and she has developed a very loose, juicy slightly abstracted style. Sue is inspired by artist Jean Haines and her book, Atmospheric Watercolors–Painting with Freedom, Expression, and Style, and the watercolors of artist Janet Rogers, and all things natural. Sue said that what makes her happy while painting is, “Nothing that may be bothering me gets in and I’m in a different world.” On the other hand she said, “The challenge in painting is figuring out what you want to paint.” She looks at photos, Pinterest, magazines, and websites for ideas. When she has internalized an image she paints it from the picture in her head without preliminary drawing. Sue’s special achievements thus far have been a painting in Watercolor Wisconsin, and having an unframed watercolor she was using to pretty up her jewelry box of butterfly necklaces bought right out of the box at SAF 2015 in the Members’ Boutique. If Sue had an art fairy she would ask for a small gallery/ studio where she could paint, sell her work, and teach classes. In the meantime she’ll be hosting a watercolor class at Racine Church of Christ soon. Sue’s future plans are to continue painting with her groups and enter additional shows. She will also work on developing even more looseness in her style.